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About the Wine Maker

Winemaking is half science and half art.  The winemaker Brad Sherman has the science background as he is an engineer by training and inquisitive by nature.  It is this combination that has allowed Brad to create award winning wines.  In 2012, the winery received four double gold awards from the Seattle Wine awards.  The previous year, he had other wines that scored 89 pts. and a 91 point for his ’08 Monastrell, (AKA Mourvedre), from the Wine Enthusiast and praises from NW Wine Press and the Tri-City Wine Festival.

Brad was introduced to wine during his college days and has been exploring it ever since.  He has had the opportunity to travel around the world for his day job, and has been able to taste wines from around Europe. This broad experience has help shape his palate and give him an appreciation for different styles of wines and grapes varieties. 

The wine-making beginnings for Brad started as a volunteer for some of the local wineries in Seattle and Woodinville.  In 2000, he joined the Boeing Wine and Beer Makers Club, which is a melting pot of amateur winemakers with access to some of the best vineyards the state has to offer.  These experiences soon lead to a garage filled with barrels and wine making equipment.  At this time, he also started formal training on line from UC Davis. 

The jump from amateur to professional status came when Brad’s local wine shop asked him to create a Sangiovese for them under their own label.  So before he made his first wines, he already had a sale.  Brad started the winery as many do, working with another winery and going the virtual route to sell with a distributors license.   This developed until a spot in the “Wine Warehouse District” in Woodinville opened up, and he joined three other wine makers in renting a place.   This is a hot spot for boutique wineries and a great environment to learn and grow. 

The final story was when Michael Florentino Cellars moved into its new location in February of 2012.  This new spot has its own cooled barrel room, a spacious tasting room and a separate winery space for fermenting, blending and bottling the wines.  The winery currently produces just over a 1000 cases of wine and wants to limit its growth to around 2000.  This will allow the winery to focus on the wines and continue to experiment with the wonderful grapes Washington State! 


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